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Imagine every guest could take pictures of your key moments and easily share them with you. This is SamSaidYes. Now, you will never miss the special moments of your party as all guests can simply take photos, share them and like them. In addition, all your photos are stored and available for you to simply download in high resolution.
Everyone should have the opportunity to save their greatest moments. That's why we offer a free version of our app. If you want to take advantage of additional features we offer a premium version. See our Pricing page for more details.
Our app is available to download for free before any event takes place through the official Apple and Google play stores or by using our QR code.
Click on the registration button. With quick steps you'll be logged in and automatically get a new Event ID. This ID or the QR code can be used to access the app on your phone.
You can simply download the app in the official apple or google play stores. With the QR code or the Event ID you can access the app immediately.
If you have registered and opened an Event, you will immediately see all the uploads from the app on your computer. You can login to SamSaidYes from any device, but use your desktop computer to download high-resolution photos.
SamSaidYes works on Apple iOS and Android devices.
Click on Contact at the bottom of this page and we'll be in touch as soon as possible.
You will personally decide who can join the event. Only people who have access to the event will be able to see your photos.
If you'd like to manage multiple events in the app, you can simply go to settings and immediately switch from one to the other with just a click. Under settings you can also scan a new QR or add a new ID to open additional events.
As you simply join the event with a QR code, you'll be an anonymous guest. Under settings you can add your name and photo to show other guests who took the nice pictures.
Only the people you invite to see your photos can see your photos! Have a look at the answer to the question about privacy for more details.
As soon as you have opened a new Event by registering you can click on ‘Invite Guest’ and send them an email with an invitation to join. Alternatively, you just send the same link to your guests on Whatsapp or even simply download the QR flyers and ask your guests to join at the Event directly. Tip: Ask someone to get guests excited by SamSaidYes by asking them to download the app at the start of the Event.
Once you've registered and opened an Event you will see a dashboard with all the photos created on your guests’ phones. At the top there is a button saying ’download all pictures’ – click this button and you'll have them all on your computer.
Above each photo in the app you'll have buttons to ‘Report’, ‘Save’ and ‘Share’ a photo. If two users ‘Report’ a photo it will be deleted automatically. As an Event creator you will still have it on your computer dashboard the next day and will see if it was reported.
We currently have 6 languages available: English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese. The app will automatically launch in the language set by your phone if it matches one of these six languages. If not, the app will launch in English.